Frequently asked questions

Activating your sim

1 How long does it take to activate the sim card?
After chosen your deal, we aim to activate your 30 mins – 2 hours within business hours.
2 How do I get my sim card number?
Sim card numbers will be set up automatically and sent in an email to the email address the sim has been signed up with within 30 minutes.
3 Sim has not reached network level yet, but we have the sim mobile number?
Sim cards can take 30 minutes – 2 hours to activate, if you try powering the intercom down for 10 minutes and then reboot the intercom this will refresh the sim to network level.
4 Do the sims only work in AES Intercoms?
No! Our sim card deals can work in any intercom, alarm systems or any unit that requires a sim card
5Where do I find my sim number
Your sim card number is the long number which can be found on the back of the sim itself. If having trouble finding, please contact our live chat.
6Who sets up the sim card?
Sim cards can be setup either by homeowner or the installer.

Cancelling your plan

1I no longer require my sim card, how do I cancel?
To cancel please contact they will check your account and assist you.
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